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Designer Radiators 

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Designer Radiators Ireland | Free Delivery | Great Service | 100% Irish Owned

Browse our collection of beautiful Designer Radiators, perfect for both styling and heating your home. Our selection brings together our vast experience in terms of what looks good but will also give you the heat output and durability you need in your home or business...

Designer Radiators Ireland | Free Delivery | Great Service | 100% Irish Owned

Browse our collection of beautiful Designer Radiators, perfect for both styling and heating your home. Our selection brings together our vast experience in terms of what looks good but will also give you the heat output and durability you need in your home or business.

The Radiator Shop has the best selection in Ireland of cutting-edge radiator designs covering the full range of Designer Radiator types including options in Vertical, Horizontal, Cast Iron, Multicolumn, Traditional, Low level, Floor mounted and Stainless steel. Mix and match various styles, materials, colours, and features to create stunning interior designs.

Need to run your kitchen design ideas past someone or double check your living area heat output requirements? Our experienced sales team are happy to assist you in choosing the best options at the best prices.

  • Vertical Designer...

    The largest and best selection of Vertical Designer Radiators for sale in Ireland. Tall radiators, Upright Radiators, or Column Radiators- whatever name you wish to use- we have them here. Multicolumn vertical radiators for the traditional look, modern vertical radiators for contemporary chic, flat panel vertical radiators, white or anthracite vertical radiators. All options that will save you wall space and look great. We have been selling our comprehensive range of vertical radiators in Ireland for over 10 years. Our comprehensive range offers the best range of options for all areas of the home, from sitting rooms and kitchens to hallways and bathroom suites.

    Vertical radiators are a great and stylish way to heat many rooms in the home and we find they are particularly popular for kitchen, hall, and living spaces.
    For the same heat output as a horizontal radiator, your vertical radiator will stand tall and take up much less wall space. This leaves much more freedom to design a room and it’s furnishings.

    Choose from steel, stainless steel, and aluminium vertical radiators below.  


  • Horizontal Designer...

    Tubular options in stunning Polished Stainless Steel and Aluminium. High quality Steel Flat panel radiators in Single, Double and Double Convector types. Dozens of different styles of Anthracite finished radiators including Flat Panel, Waved, Geometric, Bench, Contemporary and High output options. Great designs to suit every project from new builds and renovations through to quick single room makeovers on a budget. Horizontal Designer Radiators in a huge range of sizes to suit existing pipework for quick and easy installation.

  • Cast Iron Designer...

    Cast Iron Designer Radiators A cast iron radiator offers a beautiful feature and a touch of period elegance to any room in your home. Cast iron radiators are a preferred choice for traditionally styled new builds or refurbished properties.  The Radiator Shop offers a full range of cast iron radiator styles, a fusion between classic beauty and authentic craftsmanship. Made locally in Belfast, the manufacturing of these radiators represents a move back to locally produced, beautiful and functional artefacts that are made to last.  Look through our collection of cast iron radiators and you will find timeless, elegant designs.

  • Multicolumn Designer...

    The classic design of Multicolumn radiators is hugely popular with both traditional and modern homeowners in Ireland. Vertical and horizontal options offer an on-trend alternative to the traditional grill top panel radiator and will greatly enhance both contemporary and traditional interiors. The Radiator Shop has multiple vertical and horizontal options available off-the-shelf in two, three and four column depths- plenty of size and heat output options for your project. Match with our contemporary and modern radiator valves in a wide range of finishes to create an eye-catching feature. Elegant profiles, excellent heat outputs and great prices, all available with free and fast delivery in Ireland. 


  • Traditional Style...

    Traditional radiators bring out the best in any home, creating timeless interiors with that warm look and feel we all love. Harkening back to a by gone era of comfort and nostalgia Traditional Radiators are as equally relevant to Georgian Home makeovers in Dublin, to Irish rural kitchens and country retreats. The Radiator Shop has a huge array of off-the-shelf and fully customised Traditional Radiator options available. From simple and minimalist cast iron styles through to detailed ornate scrolling we have a model to bring out the absolute best in your interior. Our diverse range of finishes including rustic polishes, classic whites, RAL Colours & Farrow and Balls historic pallets will complete the look.

  • Low Level Designer...

    Low Level Designer Radiators are a great choice for generating heat output around large areas with limited wall space in your home or commercial space. With heights as low as 141mm and lengths up to 3000mm, at The Radiator Shop we have a solution for every project. Low level Radiators can save you space by opening up heating zones in your home that might not previously have been considered. Discreetly hide Low level Radiators from view in walk-in-wardrobes, cloakrooms and drying rooms. For extra comfort tuck them away under benches and kitchen tables. As always, our collection of space saving, low level radiators are available in a fantastic array of dimensions, heat outputs and colours to suit your needs.

  • Floor Mounted Radiators

    Floor Mounted Radiators are a great option in areas where you need additional support for wall brackets or when your interior design requires a fully free standing, floor mounted option. Our various solutions include insertable radiator feet, cast iron feet and universal adjustable brackets. Choose from our in-stock options for fast delivery or contact our sales team about a customised solution to access our full range of sizes and colours.

  • Stainless Steel...

    Stainless Steel Designer Radiators are an excellent way to incorporate striking metallic colours into contemporary home interior designs. At The Radiator Shop we have vertical and horizontal options in both tubular and flat panel designs, available in satin and polished finishes. Light but strong, the maintenance free characteristics of Stainless Steel create high quality, long lasting heating systems. A satin brushed finish, with radiator valves to match, will perfectly compliment appliances in your kitchen area and as Stainless Steel does not rust it is the ideal material for luxurious wet room bathrooms. Stainless Steel Designer Radiators are a fantastic choice for interiors where hygiene and ease of cleaning are a priority, making them a highly popular option for today’s stunning workplace makeovers.

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  • The Casina Double Vertical Aluminium Radiator is 1800mm high and comes in 4 width options, from 286mm to 522mm. Aluminium Radiators provide high outputs and rapid response heating due to their low water content, and the Casina is no different. Whether you are heating a smaller space or need to pack a punch in a larger room, outputs from 1401-2522 watt...

    € 464.00
  • Our beautiful Colona Column Radiators are here to inspire you. Whether you are creating a contemporary look or have a more traditional décor in mind the Colona will adapt to your design requirements. A great solution for fitting out a full heating system, but also equally effective as a standalone feature radiator. Our stylish traditional radiator valves...

    € 154.00
  • Neva Vertical Single Radiator in White or Anthracite. A perfect contemporary style radiator in a great range of sizes. Great outputs, Great Price. Perfect solution for any room seeking heat and style in a simple package.

    € 122.00
  • The classic Flat Panel Radiator- Understated minimalist design and excellent outputs. Great option whether you are looking for a traditional or modern feel in your room. Exceptionally slim flat panel radiator at only 68mm from the finished wall to the radiator front. Two height options in the Vertical- Singles and Doubles available so you can use it...

    € 133.00
  • Diva Chrome Heated Towel Rail. The classic towel warmer. Excellent size options, excellent outputs, and excellent prices. A perfect choice for all Bathrooms and Ensuites. Electric, dual fuel, or central heating power options.

    € 215.00