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Ecorad Rocco Custom Order


Ecorad Rocco Aluminium Radiators provide unrivalled efficiency without compromising the interior style of a room. All at an unbeatable price. Available in low level, standard, and vertical heights and 13 finishes. Ecorad Rocco are custom designed to your individual needs. See below for delivery schedule.


More details

€ 98.00

inc VAT

SIZING & PRICING ECORAD:  Ecorad Rocco is available in heights of 300mm to 2000mm. The pricelist provides the output and price of each 40mm segment at the required height. Ecorad Rocco are ordered in segments e.g. I require a 300mm high Rocco x 400mm wide (10 x 40mm segments).

PRICE LIST: Please click on the DOWNLOAD tab above to access the sizing & pricelist for Ecorad Rocco.



POWER OPTIONS: Central Heating (wet system)

CONNECTION OPTIONS: Standard end to end, diagonal, or HB connection.



Ecorad provide high outputs and rapid response heating in both traditional (oil, gas, solid fuel) and modern (solar, biomass, heat pump) heating systems.

Efficient Heating– Instant heat throughout your home due to low water content—up to 80% less than standard radiators  

Space Saving– Smaller than conventional radiators and available in a variety of dimensions to utilise minimum space 

Stylish– Available in 13 colour options to compliment any interior design scheme
Sleek Profile– Blends into room with its slim structure
Adaptable– Perfect partner for all systems.  For example, effective with low temperature systems such as heat pumps, or provides rapid response from solid fuel systems due to low water content.
Eco-friendly– Aluminium is 100% recyclable
Pocket-friendly– Excellent Quality at Affordable Prices. 10 year warranty.


ORDER & DELIVERY SCHEDULE 2019: Ecorad custom orders will be placed for manufacturing on the last Thursday in each month. Confirmed orders will be delivered 5 weeks later. Custom Orders are subject to a €50 + VAT flat rate delivery fee.

Fitting details

Length Options- Minimum sections=6, Maximum Sections= 50

Pipe centre end to end= [Number of sections x 40mm] + [40mm each end for valves]

Wall to pipe centre= 77mm

Wall to radiator front= 111mm




04.Guarantee: 10 Years
01.Includes: All Installation & Fitting Brackets etc
02.Metal: Aluminium
03.Quality Promise: Manufactured to the highest quality industry standards