As homeowners become a little more confident, home renovations are still on the rise. We have all managed in our pokey kitchens and dining rooms for the last few years and now we want space and beautiful designs.

We spend most of our time in the kitchen and dining areas and so it is very important to get the balance of heat to a comfortable temperature. We all know there is nothing worse than a freezing kitchen on a winter’s morning when it takes the radiator an hour to heat it up to any extent. Most of us have also been in kitchens where your body temperature raises to dangerous levels once the heat goes on!

The Radiator Shop have supplied many different types of radiators to many different types of kitchen and dining in Ireland over the last 10 years and here are our top tips for choosing radiators for these areas:

  1. Choose aluminium Radiators in these areas: Aluminium heats up very quickly so will bring heat to these areas ASAP. Such as in the morning for breakfast or in the evening when you come in from a day out. Heat on- Heat Out fast to the rooms. Yes, aluminium cools down faster but this is irrelevant once your room is to the required temperature. See our Ecorad Aluminium Radiators.
  2. Install Vertical Radiators: Don’t give up valuable worktop or storage space to radiators. And don’t suffer having to sit with your back to a red hot and massive horizontal radiator. In today’s open plan living spaces, vertical radiators are a great solution to get lots of heat to a room without taking up valuable wall space. Again, as aluminium radiators have higher outputs than standard radiators, they are a popular choice here. Again see our our Ecorad Aluminium Radiators. for our vertical designs in white, cream, and black. Or our ever popular Danza Vertical Radiator.
  3. Install a Thermostatic Radiator Valve: It might be freezing out and you have the heat on, but if you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen it is great to be able to adjust the heat output into this room by adjusting your thermostatic radiator valve.Thermostatic Radiator Valves cost a little more than standard valves but are worth every penny. You can also get really nice ones that look the part also. Our Classic Thermostatic Radiator Valve comes in white or chrome, looks nice and sleek and won't break the bank.
  4. Style: Celebrate your radiator- opt for a clean white, subtle cream, or statement black or anthracite radiator for your wall. Or do you have a cooker hood in a brushed finish? Then why not consider a radiator in brushed stainless steel to match. And for those finishing touches, don't forget your valves; a high quality valve in a matching finish can link key features together. Why not match your radiator valves to your light switches, cabinet handles and/or plug sockets for a high-end look. Is there an Aga or Rayburn in your kitchen? If so, look for a matching paint finish on your radiator
  5. Hygiene: Install central heating pipes from the wall rather than the ground for easy mopping!