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Hudevad Plan Single Square Radiator


The Hudevad Plan radiator is the quintessence of clean, Scandinavian design. This radiator is of the highest quality, all the while having an impressive elegance. The simple design ensures that the Hudevad Plan radiator can fit in anywhere, and be an asset to any creative design endeavour you might have.

This minimalistic radiator is a Hudevad trademark and its 2mm Swedish Steel front makes it highly durable and resistant to impact.

The Radiator Shop has a range of square shapes available although the Hudevad Plan is also highly customisable in shape and size. Single, Double, Curved or Angled- you choose. This radiator is available in a range of cost effective colour options and is easy to integrate into any interior design scheme.

Highly suitable for living areas, historical sites, leisure and conference centres and other public areas.

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€ 272.00

inc VAT

Radiatior Features

DELIVERY: 5 weeks



Dive into the world of Hudevad colours.

The Hudevad Nordic collection represents Scandinavian heritage with timeless, elegant cool and light shades, or choose from the World collection, which offers colours carefully selected to cover everything from the interior warmth of the countryside to the raw power of the big cities.

POWER OPTIONS: Central Heating (wet system)



Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Depth (mm)

Pipe to Pipe Centres (mm)

Wall to Pipe Centres (mm)

Wall to Rad Front (mm)


BTU @ Δt 50ᴼC

Watt @ Δt 50ᴼC

 400  400 80 Length minus 100mm 51/71  90/110  949  278
 500  500 80 Length minus 100mm  51/71  90/110  1501  440
 600  600 80 Length minus 100mm  51/71  90/110  2177  638
 700  700 80 Length minus 100mm  51/71  90/110  2979  873
 1000  1000 80 Length minus 100mm  51/71  90/110  5647  1655
04.Guarantee: 10 Years
01.Includes: All Installation & Fitting Brackets etc
02.Metal: Steel
03.Quality Promise: Manufactured to the highest quality industry and EN442 Standards