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Hudevad Standard Single Convector Radiator


The Hudevad Standard Radiator in the most well-known classic Danish design and matches perfectly in any private home, flat, office or business premise. They are ideal for new buildings as well as for refurbishment of older buildings. Design, quality Swedish Steel and first-class finish combined with high output and modern production processes ensure a solid, highly durable radiator. The universal applications of the Hudevad Standard make the radiator impossible to disregard in any type of project

The Hudevad Standard Radiator is available in a range of cost effective colour options and is easy to integrate into any interior design scheme.  Highly suitable for living areas, offices, cafes, leisure and conference centres and other public areas.

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€ 95.00

inc VAT

Radiatior Features

DELIVERY: 5 weeks



Dive into the world of Hudevad colours.

The Hudevad Nordic collection represents Scandinavian heritage with timeless, elegant cool and light shades, or choose from the World collection, which offers colours carefully selected to cover everything from the interior warmth of the countryside to the raw power of the big cities.

POWER OPTIONS: Central Heating (wet system)



Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Depth (mm)

Pipe to Pipe Centres (mm)

Wall to Pipe Centres (mm)

Wall to Rad Front (mm)

BTU @ Δt 50ᴼC

Watt @ Δt 50ᴼC

 555  500 49 Length +valves (BOE)  57  89  884  259
 555  800 49 Length +valves (BOE)  57  89  1413  414
 555  1200 49 Length +valves (BOE)  57  89  2119  621
 555  1600 49 Length +valves (BOE)  57  89  2825  828
 555  2000 49 Length +valves (BOE)  57  89  3531  1035




Length +valves (BOE)





04.Guarantee: 10 Years
01.Includes: All Installation & Fitting Brackets etc
02.Metal: Steel
03.Quality Promise: Manufactured to the highest quality industry and EN442 Standards