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Eskimo Outline Gong Vertical Radiator 'Brassy Knoll'


There is nothing more pleasing than the simplicity and clean lines of Eskimo's original Outline radiator . A modular aluminium high output radiator with a clean lined front fascia. Outline offer some transformational finishes, one of which is GONG, a high performance radiator with a stunning hand patinated brass finish. Rich tones, unique, incredibly tactile.  Brassy Knoll is a hand patinated brass presenting a granite grey base with sea green highlights.

The patinations on Gong are applied by hand by highly skilled metalworkers Capisco in London’s East End using a variety of hot working techniques and colour compounds depending on the finish required.

GONG finishes cannot be controlled beyond the method that Eskimo have selected. Your GONG will be very close to the colour and tone that you see in the pictures – granite grey base with sea green highlights. However, the patination (pattern) can vary from a very subtle ‘speckles’ to more fluid ‘swirls’. Each GONG radiator is absolutely unique.

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€ 1,195.00

inc VAT

DELIVERY: 6-8 weeksRadiatior Features

FINISHES AVAILABLE: Hand Patinated Brass- Brassy Knoll-Granite Grey with Sea Green Highlights

POWER OPTIONS: Central Heating (wet system) 



Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Depth (mm)

Pipe to Pipe Centres (mm)

Wall to Pipe Centres (mm)

Wall to Rad Front (mm)

BTU @ Δt 50ᴼC

Watt @ Δt 50ᴼC

1800  240 50  174 49 75 2279 668
1800  430 50  364 49 75 4558 1336
04.Guarantee: 5 Years
01.Includes: All Installation & Fitting Brackets etc
02.Metal: Aluminium
03.Quality Promise: Manufactured to the highest quality industry and EN442 Standards