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Eskimo Outline Blackboard Vertical Radiator


There is nothing more pleasing than the simplicity and clean lines of Eskimo's original Outline radiator . A modular aluminium high output radiator with a clean lined front fascia. Outline offer some transformational finishes, one of which is Blackboard. A high performance radiator, powder coated in a perfect matt black. Creating a dual purpose product, a radiator and a blackboard.

You can also choose to have a little oiled oak chalk holder with your Blackboard radiator. It’s magnetic and therefore portable, you can move and position it to wherever you like. They are just €95 including VAT (to fit a 430mm W radiator).

Eskimo have carefully selected the perfect very black matt powder coat with a 5% gloss level.You can use standard chalkboard chalk sticks or liquid chalk pens on this finish.

More details

€ 955.00

inc VAT

DELIVERY: 6 weeksRadiatior Features

FINISHES AVAILABLE: Matt Black - 5% Gloss

POWER OPTIONS: Central Heating (wet system) 



Height (mm)

Length (mm)

Depth (mm)

Pipe to Pipe Centres (mm)

Wall to Pipe Centres (mm)

Wall to Rad Front (mm)

BTU @ Δt 50ᴼC

Watt @ Δt 50ᴼC

1500  430 50  364 49 75 3746 1098
1500  430 95  364 72 120 6554 1921
04.Guarantee: 5 Years
01.Includes: All Installation & Fitting Brackets etc
02.Metal: Aluminium
03.Quality Promise: Manufactured to the highest quality industry and EN442 Standards