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  • Ecorad Classic Vertical Aluminium Radiators provide high outputs and rapid response heating. Three sizes are available, a practical 1750mm(h) x 400mm(s), great when space is at a premium, and two larger options-   2000mm(h) x 480mm(L) & 2000mm(h) x 560mm(L)  for when you really need the heat output. Extremely efficient to run, the 2Kw version contains...

    € 252.00 € 280.00 -10%
  • The classic Flat Panel Radiator. Understated minimalist design and excellent outputs. Great option whether you are looking for a traditional or modern feel in your room. Exceptionally slim flat panel radiator at only 93mm from the finished wall to the radiator front. Two height options in the Vertical- Singles and Doubles available so you can use it...

    € 269.10 € 299.00 -10%